Living with a Non-Cyclist

I am marrying a non-cyclist. I swore I would just find some nice triathlete or cyclist to date and eventually marry, so we can go on long bike rides and discuss leg shaving tips, but that is not the case in my life, and I will be honest in saying it is not always easy.

2013 trek Lexa top tube

Solution #1 He Becomes a Cyclist

I have found this is likely not going to happen with my husband.  Now, he will go out and ride with me on easier, car-free routes, so I got him his own bike, and we go ride about once every two weeks.  It is fun, but not the workout I am looking for most of the time.  The point on this one is that it is something we can do together sometimes.

Problem #1 We Argue About Training Hours

We may be in love, but not everything is always perfect when it comes to living with someone.  I want to bike four times a week with long rides on the weekends, which is difficult enough without being able to ride anywhere near my house.  This translates to getting home three nights a week, and being gone on one of my days off work of the week, so we are working to try to figure out a schedule that works for both of us.  I need to learn to be a morning person again, and then things would be a lot easier.

Problem/Solution #2 Bicycle Storage

I own four bikes plus a frame, and he owns one.  This means bikes everywhere in our house, if we don’t keep them contained.  We don’t store them outside, so this has led to getting rid of the extra bed in the second bedroom and switching over to having a bike/cat room.  There are up to four bikes at a time in the room, and there is always a Fram hanging on the wall.  We want to get some wall storage to have two bikes one above the other to free up space for another bed eventually, but it is not top priority.  No bikes downstairs is our one rule to keep it clutter free.

Bottom Line


We love each other, and he puts up with my crazy.  Sometimes in addition to bikes against walls, we have two trainers out, so it is definitely not a simple thing.  Sometimes after work I get home all sweaty from riding and just want to shower and he wants to go eat Chinese food, but we make it work.