My name is Alexandra, or Alex, and I am a cyclist and triathlete, based in Nashville, Tennessee.  I started writing a triathlon blog when I was in college, and continued for a couple years, before not losing interest, but becoming very preoccupied with other things, where triathlon took a back seat, and so did writing about it.  It was not fun to write about training I was struggling to get through.  I decided to start a new blog, this one, when I began to get social media involved with my cycling more.  It started out with posting a picture of my bike every time I ride, and I just kind of decided I wanted to start to share my journey once again.

The goal of this blog is to share all aspects of my life pertaining to cycling, triathlon, and a healthy lifestyle.  This will include things like new routes I discover and events I partake in, as well as things like what I eat to fuel a ride, or how I manage a school and work schedule with trying to train.  I want to shares tips, but I also want to focus a lot on all of the great things and people cycling is bringing into my life.

My Story

My path into the world of cycling and triathlon was not one where I grew up loving bikes.  Actually, I never rode bikes that much, other than to a friend's house or down to the pool in the neighborhood.  I stopped riding my bike ever when I was old enough to get a ride with my sister in the car, so my cycling did not really pick up until I got to college.


My first bike was a Trek Lexa my dad bought me after I completed my first triathlon.  It had 8-speed Shimano Claris components, and an 11-25 cassette (I'll explain gear ratios another time, but this was hard gearing for a new rider).  I somehow managed a few hilly courses on this bike, and a lot of flat miles in the back roads of Tuscaloosa.  I upgraded to a Felt B16W tri bike the following spring, and rode that through a lot of races, and it is still my current triathlon bike.  My first bike I bought for myself was a Trek Madone 9.2, that I then upgraded to electronic shifting, followed by a Trek Domane SL 6 Disc I custom built for myself.  I enjoy custom builds, but they do tend to be more expensive than some other options.

I got into triathlon accidentally in 2012 when I was done swimming and needed to do something with my time and energy, so I joined my college triathlon team.  I since then have completed multiple sprint, olympic, and half iron distance races, as well as one full Ironman.  I've also had a few DNSes, because I have very severe pre-race anxiety, and sometimes I let my head get the best of me.

Currently I am in an off-year of resetting my focus and finding why I enjoy training again, while learning to balance working and a family life with it as well.  I raced my first time trial, and am just trying to make sure I get in some good quality miles each week.